Amplified imagination

Marvios removes the barriers between your mind and your documents. Uncover insights, explore hidden relations and have real vision of your own data.

Marvios over the moon

Delve into crucial topics

Bring important topic connections to life instantly. Find out not only document pieces you need, but also how they relate to other documents you have.

Knowledge Graph
Folder Structure


Have whatever folder structure you like or even no structure at all.

Create new documents


Fuse existing knowledge parts to create new documents.

Applying Templates


Apply new templates to documents with a push of a button.

Create a collection


Store document fragments to use when they are needed.

Discover documents visually

Visual discovery

Marvios searches inside your files for the information you want and displays visual ranked results regardless of the document they belong to. Automatic generated filters make it even easier to find pieces of knowledge.

Insights machine

It's common to have an ideia about what you need without knowing the exact words to search for. Marvios extracts keywords and high-level concepts from phrases, providing insights for new searches.

Marvios machine to create new insights
Documents in a relationship

Constant serendipity

Discover similarities and relations between your files, displaying hidden relevant content or connections with data you forgot you ever had.

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